Anni Huang, Founder of World Madame, Leading with Heart

Hollywood glamor meets women empowerment at the upcoming World Madam USA Grand Finals Award Ceremony in Los Angeles on April 2. With preparations in full swing, Anni Huang, the visionary founder of World Madam Group, took The Wall Street Herald (WSH) on a tour of the competition venue and gave a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to organize such a prestigious event.


3/2/20245 min read

Hollywood glamor meets women empowerment at the upcoming World Madam USA Grand Finals Award Ceremony in Los Angeles on April 2. With preparations in full swing, Anni Huang, the visionary founder of World Madam Group, took The Wall Street Herald (WSH) on a tour of the competition venue and gave a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to organize such a prestigious event.

Contestants from various parts of the United States converged in Los Angeles to participate in the competition, with some arriving with their families, pets, and others with their close friends.

As the preparations for the competition were underway, Huang, Lisa Chen, the World Madam global executive chairperson, along with the U.S. organizing committee, conducted a thorough inspection of the venue.

Drawing upon her extensive experience in organizing over 100 World Madam events worldwide, Huang spotted some areas that required adjustment and provided immediate solutions, ensuring that the layout met the specific needs of the eventt.

Huang’s leadership shone during the subsequent preparatory meeting as she with her hands-on meticulous know-how and arranged the event’s preparations. Anni habitually, for any event, with a thorough analysis of every stage of the competition, assigns clear tasks to the team and carefully crafts multiple contingency plans to guarantee a seamless and successful event.

During a formal one-on-one interview held at Royal Vista Golf Club hotel in Los Angeles, Huang was asked about the purpose behind the continuous hosting of World Madam events.

With a smile, Huang replied, “We believe that every married woman was once a little girl, and in the eyes of her loved ones, she was a princess wearing a crown. However, as they become wives and mothers, they often forget their own worth and inadvertently lose that crown. The mission of World Madam is to help them rediscover their brilliance and regain their crowns. The World Madam crown represents three levels of meaning, and the first level is to love oneself.”

Huang is not only the founder of World Madam, but also a visionary leader and a source of inspiration, dedicated to empowering women and celebrating their unique qualities. According to her, the World Madam crown is not merely a symbol of beauty but also represents inner strength, perseverance, and self-love. Huang firmly believes that every married woman deserves to feel like a princess, her ultimate goal is to walk them through recovering the crown they possibly lost along the way.

Huang previously held executive positions in several listed companies. At a certain company’s ordering conference, she achieved a sales miracle by selling nearly 30,000 forklifts, which shocked the entire company. Since launching the World Madam initiative and activities globally successfully several years ago. Her focus transmitted by her charisma has frequently been showcased on the stage, inspiring and motivating madams from many parts of the world.

In a world that often prioritizes superficial qualities, Huang emphasizes that the World Madam competition stands out because it values the comprehensive inner qualities of the contestants, not just their appearance.

She believes that true beauty comes from a strong sense of self, social influence, and a willingness to share and inspire others. Her goal is to promote role models who can inspire and empower women everywhere, and bring more married women back into the spotlight.

World Madam Group has organized over 100 competitions in over 30 countries, involving more than 10,000 outstanding women who have participated in these events.

Huang’s vision for World Madam goes beyond just a competition. She expressed her views on the ongoing efforts for women’s empowerment saying, “There is still a lot that needs to be done in this matter, and we have a long way to go.”

This statement was given to WSH after she attended a conference on “Women in Islam” during the 67th session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women, which was presided over by Pakistani Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.

“If everyone can be motivated to make even a small contribution, we can achieve the goal of gender equality much faster than anticipated.”

Huang’s philanthropic endeavors also received high praise.

“World Madam Group has donated RMB 640,000 worth of supplies to the Zhengzhou Volunteer Service Federation on July 25, 2021,” as documented in a certificate of donation numbered 2021720000001 that the reporter saw in Huang’s iPhone photo album. The party expressed gratitude to World Madam for its contribution and promised that the donations would be used to assist the people affected by the devastating floods.

Huang believes that a person’s value is not solely based on their career achievements but also on the positive impact they can have on society and others through charity work.

On April 3, 2018, the Public Inquiries Team of the UN Department of Public Information wrote to Lisa Chen, stating that “on behalf of the Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, the Public Inquiries Team of the United Nations congratulates you for your achievements in helping children with autism. The Secretary-General believes that young people and their organizations make an important contribution to strengthening international cooperation and he applauds your energy and idealism.”

“The United Nations values the significant changes that people like you offer to your own communities as well as to the international community, supporting many of the same aims and ideals that form the core of the work of the United Nations.”

World Madam’s global events have garnered attention from various sectors, including government officials, parliamentarians, and business leaders.

In his letter dated March 19, 2023, Mayor Frank Scarpitti of the City of Markham, Ontario, Canada, “thank you for championing our strong diversity, for helping us create inclusive communities and for promoting gender parity.”

Huang receives dozens of emails and letters like this, which she takes great pride in, she said.

Huang’s dedication to World Madam has created a group of inspiring female role models, with its brand presence and influence surpassing her cosmetic empire alone.

In 2020, Huang was honored with the “Order of the Constantinian of St. George” in Italy, commemorating the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Italy. During the ceremony, she emphasized the belief that “Every knight has a spiritual homeland for which they are willing to give everything”, and expressed her gratitude for the recognition.

However, Huang’s path to success has not been without obstacles.

During the interview, Huang opened up about her life experiences, which included moments of triumph and moments of adversity. When the conversation turned to a particular organization that had used the official World Madam brand name to hold a fake version of the competition, her expression turned serious. “I strongly disapprove of such actions. The World Madam contest is a reputable and high-quality event, and any imitation or counterfeit behavior will severely damage its reputation. These fake versions of the competition undermine the value and meaning of the World Madam event, distort public social values, and ultimately benefit no one.”

She further added, “Not only does this behavior infringe on the official intellectual property rights of World Madam, but it also shows a lack of respect for the genuine World Madam brand. As a result, I have taken legal measures to combat this type of behavior.”

When discussing the challenges of balancing family and career, Huang expressed mixed emotions. “It is undoubtedly a challenge. During the peak of my career, I traveled frequently and attended events, causing me to miss many important family gatherings and moments with my children. However, whenever I have free time, I ensure that I visit them.”

She said, “Looking back over these past few years, particularly during the period from September 2022 until now, I have taken a total of eight long-haul flights between China and the United States alone, not to mention the constant traveling and hard work between different states in the US and various cities in China.”

“All of these experiences have become so meaningful to me. These experiences have made me more knowledgeable about the unity and togetherness of us all being on the same page as much as possible, especially the unwavering dedication of our team members, which is represented by the attitude and strength embodied by the shining World Madam crown. I am most grateful for all of the encounters in my life,” she said.