Building a better future for women through equality and empowerment

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person raising both hands


This category includes timely, factual updates and news items that are straightforward reports on events, developments, and decisions related to women’s issues worldwide. This section should be updated frequently to reflect the latest happenings.


Features are more narrative-driven and provide background, human interest, and a broader context. These stories delve deeper into individual experiences and cultural aspects, offering a richer, more engaging perspective.

  • Empowering Stories: Profiles and interviews with women who are making a significant impact, detailing their journeys and the challenges they’ve overcome.

  • Cultural Insights: Articles that explore how different cultures around the world view and handle gender equality, including both positive trends and areas needing improvement.

  • Success Stories: Highlighting initiatives and programs that have successfully empowered women, providing a model for others to follow.


In-depth articles provide comprehensive analysis, discuss trends, and explore complex topics with detailed research and expert opinions. These pieces are intended to give readers a thorough understanding of issues, background, and implications.

This section is designed to inspire and educate by sharing the stories of women who have not only excelled in their respective domains but have also used their positions to challenge the status quo and pave the way for future generations.

Pioneers in Politics and Public Service

Leaders in Business and Entrepreneurship

Innovators in Science and Technology

Champions in Education and Advocacy

Artists and Cultural Icons

Groundbreakers in Sports

Visionaries in Media and Communication

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Our Mission

Our mission is clear and resolute: to champion and advance the cause of women in entrepreneurship. We are dedicated to breaking down the barriers that have hindered women's progress in the business world.

Welcome to EHTV, a pioneering television network dedicated to championing gender equality and amplifying the voices of women across the globe. Our mission is to provide comprehensive coverage of significant United Nations events related to women, spotlighting the remarkable achievements of women worldwide.

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woman wearing red long-sleeved top holding camera