About EHTV

EmpowerHerTV is a pioneering television network dedicated to championing gender equality and amplifying the voices of women worldwide. With a reach extending to 40 countries, we share diverse perspectives and stories of women, highlighting their struggles, triumphs, and aspirations.

Our Vision

We envision a world where every woman, regardless of her background, can achieve her dreams. Inspired by Maya, who overcame obstacles to become an engineer, we strive to empower all women. Join us to celebrate and recognize women's potential in shaping the future

Our Mission

Comprehensive coverage of UN events related to women and celebrating global achievements. Exclusive video interviews with advocates, leaders, and trailblazers in women's empowerment. Motivating, enlightening, and initiating a worldwide dialogue on gender equality.

Our Founder

Anni Huang is the founder of World Madam, dedicated to promoting women's entrepreneurship and leadership development.

She has not only established the World Madam Foundation, World Madam Group, and World Madam Academy but also initiated the World Madam Global Selection, World Madam Charity Journey, and co-organized several significant international events such as the United Nations Peace Concert, World Madam Celebrity Peace Concert, United Nations Autism Awareness Charity Concert, World Madam International Cultural Week, and the "Global Health Women "sub-forum at the Boao Asia Forum Global Health Forum.

Her efforts and achievements have had a positive impact on culture, education, philanthropy, and environmental protection, and she has earned widespread respect for her intellectual beauty, gentle sincerity, honest friendliness, and compassionate benevolence.


-AAHS Six-Star Diamond Award

-Outstanding Contributor to International Cultural Exchange

-Golden Phoenix Cultural Achievement Award

- Global Outstanding Women Award-Order of the Royal Saxon Knights of Constantine

-World Cultural Ambassador: World Cultural Arts Organization

-Goodwill Ambassador: International Alliance for TCM Cancer Research & Cure

-Goodwill Ambassador: Stop Trafficking of People (STOP), an international humanitarian organization dedicated to fighting human trafficking and preventing sexual exploitation.

-Goodwill Ambassador: Equal Rights for Children

Advisory Board

James Beeland Rogers Jr.

Commonly known as Jim Rogers, is an American investor, financial commentator, and author born on October 19, 1942. He is perhaps best known as the co-founder of the Quantum Fund alongside George Soros, which is one of the first truly international hedge funds. The fund achieved remarkable gains, boasting returns of 4200% over ten years, during a period when the S&P 500 advanced about 47%.

Rogers is also known for his adventurous spirit, evidenced by his two record-setting around-the-world journeys, one by motorcycle and the other in a custom-built car, which were chronicled in his books "Investment Biker: Around the World with Jim Rogers" and "Adventure Capitalist: The Ultimate Road Trip."

After retiring from active management of his fund in 1980, Rogers became a regular media commentator on global economic trends and authored several books. His investment philosophy emphasizes commodities based on supply and demand fundamentals and a bullish outlook on Asia, particularly China.

Harry Edelson

Considered by many a legend in both the technology and financial industries, and the dean of venture capitalists on the East Coast, Harry has accomplished a great deal with limited resources.

Throughout his career, Harry has been known for his energy and outsized results; partly due to the highly honed skills that Harry developed in mnemonics, speed-reading, and speed math. Without a supporting team, Harry was named an All-Star Security Analyst by Institutional Investor magazine and was the most quoted analyst on Wall Street for a decade. Harry left Wall Street when the CEOs of ten of the world's largest multinational corporations (AT&T, Viacom, 3M, Ford Motor, Cincinnati Bell, Colgate-Palmolive, Reed Elsevier, Imation, Asea Brown Boveri, and UPS) each in a different business, entrusted him with corporate rather than pension money to manage a series of four strategic venture capital funds.

Two additional prominent limited partners, Harbourvest and Wellcome Trust also became partners. Harry worked closely with the top management of his corporate partners providing strategic assistance, consulting advice and contacts. Other venture capital funds managing equal sums often had four times the personnel and expenses of the Edelson Technology Partner funds (ETP). By way of contrast, Harry, with a tight staff of only three, was able to voluntarily return to the limited partners 30 percent of management fees annually. No one has ever done that.

Harry's career includes a long line of firsts. He was the first Wall Street analyst to combine coverage of computers, software, and telecommunications. At that time, there was not even one buyside telecommunications analyst. He conducted the first video conference call on Wall Street bringing together COs and investors. Because of his background as a computer and telecommunications engineer and his innovative research on the confluence of computers and telecommunications, Harry performed consulting assignments for more than fifty corporations. Before hedge funds became popular, he started one for CEOs of technology companies and had positive results in a severely down market. His venture capital performance over a twenty-year span was rated number one of all venture capital firms in the Eastern United States by two of the four leading auditing firms. The annual return (IRR) for his funds averaged 28 percent, even through the disastrous stock market decline of 2000-2002. The Edelson Technology Partner Funds were the first venture capital investor in fourteen early-stage companies that grew to have market capitalizations of more than $1 billion and up to $160 billion.

Harry has contributed several op-ed articles in the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times and has been quoted there and in numerous other publications on the subjects of high tech and stocks. He has been a columnist for Directors and Boards magazine and for a number of technology magazines.

In 2015, Harry authored a book called Positivity: How to be Happier, Healthier, Smarter, and More Prosperous describing his philosophy of life and his technical wizardry in mathematics, mnemonics, and speed reading. He continues to speak on these subjects to large audiences. As Harry describes in Positivity, he came from very humble beginnings. He lost his father before the age of one. His mother was an illiterate Russian immigrant. Despite this, Harry achieved success by following the lessons described in his book.